Causes Of Endometriosis?

Re: Causes Of Endometriosis?

Postby Peet on 16 Dec 2012, 20:01

It is important to note that the amount of pain a woman experiences is not necessarily related to the severity of the disease. Some women with severe endometriosis may experience no pain, while others with a milder form of the disease may have severe pain or other symptoms depending of the individuals. :shock: :oops:
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Re: Causes Of Endometriosis?

Postby Ted on 16 Dec 2012, 20:01

Women may remain infertile completely with such diseases. How endometriosis affects fertility is not clearly understood even by your doctor but the truth is that it effect life. It is know that scar tissue from endometriosis can impair release of the egg from the ovary and pickup by the fallopian tube. :evil: :lol: 8-)
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Re: Causes Of Endometriosis?

Postby Renata on 26 Jun 2019, 14:54

Emma wrote:Most women who have endometriosis, in fact, do not have symptoms. Of those who do experience symptoms, the common symptoms are pain (usually pelvic) and infertility. Pelvic pain usually occurs during or just before menstruation and lessens after menstruation. :| :|

Hi, dear! I absolutely agree. You cannot just relay on your symptoms (or not having them at all as this is in your case). I know some women having endo don't know about it until they are ready to get pregnant (They have no obvious symptoms). I guess a doc has to do more research on the point. He/She might suggest you needed testing to find out if it's really endo which is the obstacle. One thing is for sure - testing must be done to find out that you're facing endo, NOT lapo!! And after you get to know clearly about it - then lapo is a good way out, really. I've read lots of posts saying lapo helped with fertility.
I also wanna say, I'd get some other points of view. I mean from different experts. There are lots of knowing people one can apply to..Take care. The road is difficult but truly possible to pass. May god help everyone.
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