I am 55 - surrogacy, egg donation?

Re: I am 55 - surrogacy, egg donation?

Postby lindas on 29 May 2017, 16:54

Hi Grace! You must be really brave woman thinking about delivering a child at that age.. Though I don't want to offend you with that. That's just we should admit at 55 your ovarian reserve must be quite low.. even having AF. Though it's better to have your amh checked first.. to ensure on either positive or negative result here. But as for carrying a baby that's definitely a thing you can go into.. unless you have some other problems .. those with your womb I mean. I've several stories of the type.. and they are quite successful. The last one was about a woman who carried twins for her own daughter at 55 actually.. The daughter had damaged fallopian tubes and something with the womb (don't remember exactly).. So good luck with your journey.. :)
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Re: I am 55 - surrogacy, egg donation?

Postby Lucy on 02 Apr 2019, 15:00

If you choose donor egg, then Biotex is probably the best variant for you. The clinic chooses donors very carefully. All requirements were set in our package. First requirement is age of donor. First of all donor should be 18 – 25 years old. Second is perfect physical and mental health. And third requirement is absence of genetic diseases in the donor and her family. You can't choose donor by yourself. Contact of clients with donors is prohibited by law. But you can provide desired phenotype! The clinic will choose donor for you, basing on your requirements. We gave our doctor list with all features we want our donor to have. For example, eye color, hair, nose shape etc. You can choose from their donor databse. We could get to know the detailed info about them. That's how we chose the most suitable donor for us. Our kid looks very similar to us. No one can ever tell he's not biologically mine.
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