have scarred ovaries

have scarred ovaries

Postby Renata on 19 Nov 2015, 15:00

Hello everyone!
Many people think that being clever, rich and attractive is the best way to find happiness. But these things aren’t as important as we think when you cannot give a birth to a child…
That thought has driven me crazy for many years.
The main reason for my infertility are scarred ovaries as a result of a physical damage. And it’s not a pleasant thing to talk about. In my situation follicles simply can’t mature and ovulation doesn’t occur. I’ve tried nearly everything to cure my disease, but it’s of no use. We dream about having a newborn…
Right at the moment we’re thinking over three clinics where we can be helped. And one of them is Ukrainian BioTexCom.
We need to talk to as many people as we can to make a decision. Maybe some of you have the same problem, so please contact us. We need your support.
I still have a positive outlook and hope!
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Re: I have scarred ovaries

Postby Melanie on 19 Nov 2015, 15:18

Good afternoon, Renata!
I have a great hope that my post will help you. We have the same diagnosis, but the reasons differ much. In my case it’s the infection which doesn’t allow the follicles to mature.
It was also the chain of unsuccessful attempts on our way. Clinics, doctors, diagnostics, experts, treatment…You know, everything which makes you feel exhausted with no result(
At last it happened so that the friends of mine told me about BioTexCom as they were facing infertility challenges as well. Our family came there too. Without hesitation it was the right choice.
We didn’t have a trouble with the papers, got the thorough diagnostics, we were told about the entire package of services for the necessary procedure in details. We could phone the expert any time of the day if there were any questions.
Now we’re waiting for a baby. Our “small” sense of life)
They really take care of the couples and it makes them trust the institution. I have only positive attitude to the clinic and its staff.
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Re: have scarred ovaries

Postby Angela on 22 Nov 2015, 13:29

Hello, Renata!
In my 43 I was diagnosed on premature menopause. The reasons for it varied very much. Experts couldn’t come to one decision. But the point was that having children in a natural way for me became impossible. Our couple visited several clinics for human reproduction. We made our choice in favor of BioTexCom.
The clinic met all our requirements. We decided to take the procedure of IVF there. That was a long process and the final stage of implanting the embryos into the uterus to develop naturally. I appreciated the staff’s assistance and care.
The result of the procedure is amazing. We are going to have a baby in a month :D :D ;) We are extremely happy!!!
Maybe the clinic might help you too. ;)
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Re: have scarred ovaries

Postby Renata on 18 Dec 2015, 12:26

Hi, there! I’m pleased to tell you we’ve got success :D
After considering all the facts we made our mind in favor of biotexcom. Moreover we’ve already started the IVF procedure there. And I’m happy to announce my pregnancy!
I’m enjoying our first trimester. I’m fully in my mood swings. My poor husband! My ups and downs are no joke. One moment I am excited and happy, the next scared, then optimistic, then upset. It is a real mess!
I have to endure also some new eating habits. My appetite pretty much disappeared because of my morning sickness. Eating now is something I do for the health of the baby more than for my own energy.
Tomorrow is the big gender reveal!!! My mom and mother-in-law are already aware of our baby’s gender. Any guesses as to whether you think it is a boy or girl? Justin and I are both leaning one way, but I’m always curious what others predict ;)
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