Early miscarriage

Early miscarriage

Postby PetraB on 12 Jun 2017, 16:54

4 months ago I experienced my first miscarriage ever. Well, in a nutshell I couldn't conceive on my own and tried IVF. It failed because of poor quality of my only embryo. I got an advice to try egg donation. I underwent 2 more cycles but without result. I almost gave up but in a few years decided to try again in another place. This is how I found BTC. I chose Ideal package, for those who don'tknow what are its features, it includes 1-2 IVFs with donor eggs and transfer to surrogacy if no go. My first cycle here was successful till I realized that something went wrong. t was a weird day. I had brown spotting and slight cramps. Some people say it's normal, the others say it's not. few days before my first scan I had a heavy bleeding and tremendous pain and I've seen 2 bloody clots......... this nightmare lasted for half an hour and then no blood at all only cramps. I went to a hospital immediately after that. ultrasound showed no sweet peas inside me..it was a miscarriage. . . I wasn't ready for this. I wasn't ready to move on at all. Hopefully, all things considered I decided to try once again. Mostly it was because of I met lots of women who are going through surrogacy in this clinic and according to their experience it's not what I should be scared of. So, now it's easier to take what I have. If this attempt is also negative I will mve on to surrogacy. The only thing I'm scared of is another miscarriage. If it's not meant to be, let it be just BFN, but not that nightmare...
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Re: Early miscarriage

Postby Grace on 12 Jun 2017, 17:09

Oh, sorry about that. Poor girl, I do understand you and your feelings. I have experienced the same with my previous pregnancies. I thought I would never come with it, it was like a nightmare.
But eventually we found this clinic and we decided why not, and here we are. We are also with biotexx as you but we are pregnant with twins
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