feeling anxious

Re: feeling anxious

Postby Pinkie on 16 Dec 2015, 12:24

Common, we are all just human beings after all. Being emotional and sensitive is the main quality that defines us as humans, not robots. A pregnant lady possesses the highest concentration of emotions. Thus, being anxious is natural. BUT! A lady shall always remember that her state of mind is shared with a baby inside her, so emotional control is welcomed. Just try to relax and think of the things that comfort your heart. Don’t let anxiety to become hysteria!
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Re: feeling anxious

Postby frOya on 03 Jul 2017, 13:46

I think everything was good, darlin'. Tomorrow I'll have my hcg test. I'm also a beat nervous and anxious. The level of the hormone hcg is very important for the normal development of pregnancy, which is why it is so important to control it. Basically I'm afraid of increased or reduced hcg ... :? It could be pathologies of the fetus, delay in fetal development, threat of miscarriage and so on! Help to calm down :(
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Re: feeling anxious

Postby Melanie on 23 May 2019, 13:58

To reduce anxiety I honestly just going on walks, being out in nature, lots of meditation and spoiling myself helped in little bits... theres no "cure" to just get over it.. they say time is the only healer. Talking to people about it definitely helped me know that a lot of other people have been going through the same thing..The thing that took the biggest hit was my self confidence. I started breaking out literally all over my body. Massive painful pimples covering my chest and back and face and over half my hair fell out and died so i cut like 8 inches of it off. my stomach looked bloated and i didnt even let anyone touch me because i felt so ugly. I took a much needed break from that to just work on myself... started going to the gym lots, researching hormone balancers so that i wouldnt break out, drank tea, got up earlier and went to bed early. I keep a positivity journal where i put a minimum of 3 things im thankful for in a day and over time it changed my mind set.
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