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Postby Mandy123 on 19 Sep 2014, 11:55

It is only your decision and your right to choose clinic. And you are right whatever you choose. And clinic in Georgia is very good. And also Georgia is a beautiful country, their people are very friendly. You will defiantly like this journey. But I think it is something wrong with their treatment. As I know they do embryo transfer on the 3rd day . One problem with this is that 2 to 3-day-old embryos are normally in the fallopian tubes, not in the uterus. The embryo gets to the uterus about 80 hours after ovulation. Embryo implantation process begins about 3 days later. After blastocyst formation and hatching out of the embryonic shell have occurred. Therefore, if in vitro culture conditions are maximized so healthy blastocysts form at a high rate. Then day 5 blastocyst embryo transfer can be done. The uterine lining on day 5 should be receptive to the arriving embryo. This a more "natural" time for the embryos to be in the uterus. It is the same timing as with a natural pregnancy. The transfer is done shortly before the time for actual invasion and implantation. Transferring blastocysts following IVF also provides another potential benefit - reducing possibility for multiple pregnancies. Many 2 or 3-day-old embryos do not have the capacity to become high quality blastocysts and make a viable pregnancy. However, on day two or three of culture we don't have methods to determine which embryos will be viable long-term, and which will soon arrest their development. By culturing embryos to day 5 we will find that some of them have not become blastocysts. It allows us an opportunity to choose the most competent embryos for transfer. We can then transfer fewer embryos and still obtain high pregnancy success rates - with very little risk for having high order (triplets or higher) multiple pregnancies. Maybe because of this not quite correct and quality procedure they have low success rate. In Biotexcom they conduct the embryo transfer on the 5th day only.
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Re: Other side of Biotexcom

Postby Patricia75 on 25 Sep 2014, 11:11

I disagree with you in all your statements. You described many disadvantages which can be considered as real pros of the clinic. You always tell about people, crowds, huge lines to doctor. But don’t you really understand what it means? If clinic was bad you wouldn’t see so many clients from different countries. And their success rate as I know out of competition. And you had a chance to see it. You were irritated by endless children crying, who were born in Biotexcom))) It is very funny) Did you prefer not to see and hear children?) These were the evidences of birthing the children. How are you going to be a mother if children crying irritates and tires you so much? Mothers of newborn don’t sleep for a long-long time) And concerning service, you paid 29.900 for unlimited attempts. The price included accommodation, meals, transportation. And it is in comparison with near 180.000 for one attempt in USA, without all, only for treatment. And you are arguing because of one, I want to notice, comfortable taxi for a few clients? It is not honestly from your side. I agree that it is not easy to wait all that time in order to visit a doctor. And it is not very comfortable when there are no comfortable places for waiting. All these are real cons of the clinic. But is it really more important for you then having a baby? Usually infertile couples overcome so much troubles and tragedies that these disadvantages don’t have any matter for them. You are different. Maybe you are too young. And you haven’t time to go through hell of infertility. Maybe you just don’t have with what to compare. I don’t know the reason of your attitude. But you made a mistake. I know couples, who were failed after first attempt, and after second and even after third in Biotexcom. But I don’t know the couple who finally came home without their baby. As I know they are the only one who proposes guarantee package. I hope now everything is good with you and found another clinic and have a child. Maybe your way just was different. Sometimes it happens. But if not, try to be serious and think better. If you have a chance to come back in clinic, do it.
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Re: Other side of Biotexcom

Postby lindas on 24 May 2017, 14:51

I'd like to add a few things on the topic.. Yes, probably you could find some drawbacks in the work of biotexcom clinic if have a closer look at it. But from time to time some bugs and problems can be found everywhere. Not such unexpected news actually.. Besides, that's really was just the beginning of the clinic work.. their first steps so to say. So that shouldn't be paid too much attention to those minor misunderstandings and nuances.. They are easily removed.. And as far as I can see the situation now is much better.. in comparison with what you've written in your stories. I'm staying here now with my two baby-boys and I'm happy and enjoying my time here.. I think a lot has changed here since that time ..so need to scare other people without necessity
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