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Donor matching program

PostPosted: 20 Mar 2019, 12:58
by Laria
If you are considering using a for-profit donor egg-matching program that will locate an egg donor for you, ask the following questions :arrow:
How long has the service been in business?
Are all donors legal residents? (Illegal aliens should not be used as donors.)
Will the service provide references?
How do they recruit donors?
What psychological screening is done on donors and by whom?
What medical screening is done on the donors? Ask to see a blank intake form so that you get a clear sense of the screening process.
What is the number of donors currently available?
How long is the average wait for a “match?”
How much information will you be given about the donor?
What, if any, information will be given to the donor about you?
Will your clinic or doctor work with this particular matching service?
If your donor has already been through medical screening, will repeat tests be required by the IVF clinic?
Does the matching service have legal counsel? If so, whose interests are represented? The services? The donors? Should you consider hiring an attorney to represent you?
What is the cost of using the service?
Is total payment due prior to match?
What fee does the egg donor receive?
If the donor lives not at a place, will you need to pay for housing or transportation at the time of ovulation induction and egg retrieval?
If the donor changes her mind, will the service provide a new “match” with no additional fee?
What are financial arrangements if the donor has poor or no response to the stimulation protocol?