First bath of a newborn child,how to be done?

Re: First bath of a newborn child,how to be done?

Postby Mandy123 on 26 Jan 2015, 13:04

So, how to bath your child… Gather all necessary bath supplies, and lay out a towel, a clean diaper, and clothes. Make sure the room is comfortably warm so your baby doesn't get chilled. Fill the tub with about 3 inches of water that feels warm, but not hot, to the inside of your wrist—about 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius) or a few degrees warmer. Bring your baby to the bath area and undress her completely. (TIP: If your baby cries through every bath, leave the diaper on at first. It can give her an increased sense of security in the water.) Gradually slip your baby into the tub feet first, using one hand to support her neck and head. Pour cupfuls of bath water over her regularly during the bath so she doesn't get too cold. Use mild soap and use it sparingly (too much dries out your baby's skin). Wash her with your hand or a washcloth from top to bottom, front and back. Start by washing her scalp with a wet, soapy cloth. Rinse the soap from the cloth and use it to gently clean her eyes and face. If dried mucus has collected in the corners of your baby's nostrils or eyes, dab it several times to soften it before you wipe it out. As for your baby's genitals, a routine washing is all that's needed. Rinse your baby thoroughly with cupfuls of water, and wipe her with a clean washcloth. Then very carefully lift her out of the tub with one hand supporting her neck and head and the other hand supporting her bottom. Wrap your fingers around one thigh. (Babies are slippery when wet.) If it's possible, have another adult help by receiving your baby in a dry towel. Wrap your baby in a hooded towel and pat her dry. If her skin is still peeling from birth, you can apply a mild baby lotion after her bath, but this is generally dead skin that needs to come off anyway, not dry skin. Then diaper her, dress her, and give her a kiss on her sweet-smelling head. Good luck, girls with your babies! Love and take care them)
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Re: First bath of a newborn child,how to be done?

Postby Mirela on 20 Nov 2015, 19:09

Good evening, parents!
I’m Mirela. Not so long ago we took the programme of surrogacy in BioTexCom. We had rather young surrogate mother, she was 28 years old. It was for good, because to give a birth to a child means to have strong will and body.
Now we are happy parents. The first great challenge for me was our baby’s first bath. I don’t know why but I had a strange feeling. I was afraid of the process, because thought I could make harm to her tiny hands or legs. Now I remember this smiling) But then it seemed the most difficult thing to me. Thanks to God, my husband had a vacation at that time. He took all the responsibility of bathing process on himself in first two weeks.
Husband gave a bath to our daughter each time differently up to the time he found out his own manner. Those were towels, toys, cosmetical tools and others. He was so caring!!!
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Re: First bath of a newborn child,how to be done?

Postby Amelia on 20 Nov 2015, 19:45

Hello, Mirela! I’m Amelia.
We also were the clients of the clinic. Our family took IVF treatment there.
Now we’re bringing up our small Lizie. I had the same experience concerning the first bath) I couldn’t get myself together and my husband helped me as well).
And it was so not only with giving the bath. The first walks were also a little stressful. I always hesitated what my child should be worn in. Whether she’d be hot or cold in those clothes. Whether everything was comfortable for her. It took me some time to get used to all those things.
I was sure I had to give my girl some other food except breast milk. And the doctor assured me each time that it was of no use, because with the milk the baby on its first stages of living gets all the necessary vitamins and microelements. Every mother wants to give the best to the baby. Sometimes our attention is so exaggerated that we simply can make worse.
We should be careful.
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