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Postby benita_) on 19 Sep 2012, 06:58

Teens: They are more media savvy and a parent can't be there to monitor everything. They are also more likely to be discussing events in the classroom and among friends. However, Princi says it is important parents ensure they know what their child has seen and how they are interpreting the information.
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Re: Parenthood

Postby Lis on 19 Sep 2012, 07:03

There is a parenting school of thought which states we should be constantly having open and frank discussions with our children, and in some cases this is true. But parents of younger children need to ask themselves, what is the benefit to them if they find out about a horrific random event on the other side of the world?
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Re: Parenthood

Postby Alex31 on 19 Sep 2012, 07:19

I will like to add here that, the government often advises that before the age of two, there should be no TV; under-fives should have no more than an hour a day; and school kids no more than two hours.
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Re: Parenthood

Postby Melanie on 20 Nov 2015, 17:19

Hello, I’m Melanie.
Being pregnant is the best thing in the world! It changes the whole world around you. But at the same time it changes relationship between the future parents.
My husband and I had to overcome a lot of difficulties on the way to making our wish come true. It took a lot of time and efforts and at last we felt exhausted.. They say that it’s quite difficult to stand all the tricks of a pregnant woman ))) and it’s absolutely true. Thanks my husband for patience and understanding )
We’ve already read thousands of articles, watched a lot of videos etc on child upbringing. But I think all they are only general recommendations. Each couple takes the things differently.
My husband has got a very responsible work. Sometimes I am afraid he won’t be able to cope with the tasks because of sleepless nights.. Our newborn will demand all our time.
So, how it feels to be parents? )))
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Re: Parenthood. How do you feel being a new mum?

Postby Pam on 02 Dec 2015, 14:53

I continue writing to these threads because we’ve got a life-long tie to the clinic, Ukraine itself. This is the place where our baby was born. I’d like to share some experienced things. It’s interesting for me whether they differed somehow in your families. :roll:
To start with, negotiating the first few weeks of parenthood for our family was a bit tricky. It was so from physical recovery to breastfeeding and swaddling.
There’s also the emotional side to life after the birth. From time to time our ‘baby blues’ caused my mild depression and anxiety. It might continue from a few hours to a few days. Experts say that it’s caused by hormonal changes in your organism. Besides you cannot rest as much as you can. At this time even a heart-to-heart talk with sympathetic to talk to can help much.
The first few weeks were isolating, even lonely at times for both of us. So, I made an effort to get out and meet new mums. I made an important conclusion: leaving the house every day, even though it may feel like scaling Mount Everest, can really help lift your mood :!:
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Re: Parenthood

Postby Laria on 02 Dec 2015, 14:58

Dear Pam! I think every family faces the same troubles. It takes time for people to get used to something new. For me it was also difficult at the beginning to organize my time wisely. Because of the stress and tiredness I felt lack of positive emotions. The whole family tried to help us. After some time we began visiting people together with our baby. And it changed the state of things for better. Once a week we attended special classes for new parents. Talking to people and sharing your difficulties with them really helps to cope with everything. You start thinking that you’re not along and there are people to support you.
I remember one thing. When I gave a birth to my child I said to the staff: ‘the most difficult stage is behind’. And heard the following reply: ‘no, my dear. Everything is ahead!’ :!: :?: :shock:
But couples can make life easier. Just make these rules the part of your life. :arrow:
Sleep as much as you can by learning to work around your baby’s sleep patterns. As she only sleeps in blocks of two to four hours, so will you. Try to go to bed as early as you can in the evening so you’ve had some shuteye before she wakes up in the night. During the day, nap when she does, and take heart - as she grows, your baby will sleep for longer periods.
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Re: Parenthood

Postby Kayley on 09 Dec 2015, 00:45

Hello, dear mums! It doesn’t matter much whether you are going to be a mother or you actually are.
Each of us experienced almost the same things. For me the process influenced our emotional life rather than relationship, health or career. :!: You may agree that pregnancy may be a tumultuous time, with complicated new feelings and a confusing mix of excitement, anticipation, and worry. Sometimes it made me feel that we both with my husband were right in the middle of a mood swing or in the grips of labor fears. Thanks to God we could lean on each other, pals, and family members for support. :)
Only now when I’ve experienced everything myself I can tell you about how challenging it is.
Both partners ought to be strong whatever their emotions are. It’s common when a mother feels nervous before she gives birth and again after baby is born. I felt anxious all the time. We couldn’t conceive naturally, so applied for the IVF programme. We’ve braved visits to the doctor and morning sickness. :roll: We coped with all possible risks. So, we had tons of reasons to be proud to be pregnant. It’s hard to find right words for telling how we were excited about pregnancy. What about you?
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Re: Parenthood

Postby Lynette on 09 Dec 2015, 00:49

Hi, Kayley! Every mother perceives her pregnancy differently. From time to time we all feel various emotional states – the highs, lows and in-betweens. But everything comes to its places when to have your baby lying peacefully on your hands. You know that the most difficult stage is already behind. Now you should do your best to be a good parent.
After childbirth especially difficult for me were late-night feedings. I couldn’t be thrilled about it and couldn’t find the support among my friends. They didn’t have children at that time so thought quite differently. :(
I do remember lots of things – happy and not so happy ones. You’ve told you had to apply for IVF to achieve the pregnancy. What’s your story? It seems I also have something to share. We should write about the things for other girls who are trying to become mothers. In modern world it often happens so that couples postpone having babies for better times from their point of view. But this can play a bad trick on them. :!: :!: That was the same for our couple.
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Re: Parenthood

Postby Kayley on 09 Dec 2015, 00:52

Dear, Lyn! Our story is the one hundreds of couples face. Youth, career, disease, infertility.
I was 45 and my husband 49 when we began planning to have children. Isn’t it ridiculous :?: :!: People of our age already have one baby or more. We always thought it wasn’t the right time for the parenthood and paid a high coast for it.
When finally we were ready nothing had happened and the pregnancy didn’t occur. That was a great stress for us. We began looking for all possible reasons, made numerous appointments with the consultants and went through endless testing. Firstly, they were trying to find the reasons in me, then in my husband. Finally it turned out to be the ones in us both. I had poorly functioning fallopian tubes. And that was the kind of congenital defects. In other words I was born with such tubal abnormalities. My husband couldn’t be fertile at that moment because of a low quality of semen. Our case was not of the simplest. We were helped in biotexcom.
This is the place we are thankful to for our nowadays parenting job. :D
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Re: Parenthood

Postby Lynette on 09 Dec 2015, 00:56

The beginning of your story is the same as ours. We got married rather early. He was 27 and I was 23. Relatives from both sides were constantly telling us it wasn’t the time for expanding the family. We had to gain career success first to be able to bring up the child. So, we agreed to the fact and lived to work. After 18 years of marriage life we had almost everything except children. It was a great stress for us both. But the strangest thing happened next – my premature menopause.
The only way out for us was applying for the IVF programme with egg donation. I surfed the internet days and nights and one day I happened to run into Here I’ve got acquainted with many people struggling the infertility challenges. We weren’t alone with our problem and pain. After studying the necessary information we made our decision.
Now we have a wonderful child. :D :D :D The clinic, its staff and people around here became a part of our life.
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