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Postby Pam on 21 Dec 2015, 00:30

Hi, I’m Pam, a happy mother of a beautiful three month old! :D
My boy is very active and seems to be interested almost in everything!
Most of the time he is in full motion moving his arms and legs around.
Now if happens he kicks me stronger and in a more coordinated manner. This age means he’s also in a second round of immunizations. My boy is brave and doesn’t cry while being injected.
We have a lot of pretty good things to do. I always try to put something brightly-colored, like a rattle, into his hands. And he folds the toy for a few seconds. Sometimes I use a crinkly toy to see his reaction when it makes a noise.
If your baby didn’t like some toys earlier, try again in this age. And you might be surprised. Every toy has its moment :!:
In turns with my husband we read to our boy. We were told that showing the baby simple board books even at this young age is fantastic for tuning his ear in to the sounds and rhythm of language.
Very often we play with him. We tie a small soft toy to a ribbon or string and swing it slowly in front of him. Now our son is not only able to track it with his eyes, but also he tries to take a swipe at it! :D
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Re: Parenthood

Postby Angela on 21 Dec 2015, 00:35

Hi! My baby girl has finally arrived! :D :D :D
Now I can tell about overwhelming love and pride and a good dose of anxiety we’re facing these days.
Knowing only essentials I try to trust my instincts as well.
As my baby and I are spending all the time together, we’re becoming more and more in tune with each other. I’m trying to hold her skin to skin looking into her eyes. I’m talking to her every spare minute and cuddling with her.
You know, more than half of all newborns develop jaundice, that is a yellowish skin coloration.
The yellow color is caused by an excess of bilirubin, a chemical produced during the normal breakdown and replacement of red blood cells. But a baby's immature liver sometimes isn't able to process all of it, and its buildup causes jaundice. Jaundice is usually harmless. It clears up after a few days but under the doctor’s supervision. He has to make sure it is not an extreme case when jaundice can cause brain damage.
Thanks to God we are lucky to have avoided such a trouble.
For the first few days after birth, my baby's bowel movement has been sticky and greenish-black. It will go away after a week or so. Breastfed infants tend to poop less often because breast milk is so readily digested that it leaves little bulk.
Very soon we’ll be facing her colicky. Generally, sudden and unexplained outbursts of crying. It's painful for all parents to hear and stressful to deal with :( We will do our best trying to calm her baby until her colicky phase passes – they say, usually by 3 months of age.
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Re: Parenthood

Postby Pam on 21 Dec 2015, 00:38

Yes, that’s quite uneasy! :?
In month one, your baby will go through a great range of developments.
It’s rather surprising but your baby’s language abilities start developing right from day one. Researchers have proved that even a four-week-old baby can tell the difference between the sound of ‘ma’ and ‘na’. You should keep talking even when you put her down and move away :)
Soon you’ll see your daughter cooing, gurgling, grunting and huming to express her feelings!
Soon she’ll also begin to turn her head towards the source of a sound. What a fun is it to watch baby’s response when you clap your hands from across the room or shake a rattle! Though your girl is only a few days old you might try singing some nursery rhymes or softly playing some music to your baby. Your baby will truly love it!
A newborn baby’s vision is very fuzzy. But within one month they are able to focus a bit better. They still can’t see far so when you smile at your baby, lean in close. Don’t worry if your baby looks slightly cross-eyed occasionally :lol: It takes her a lot of effort to focus on the objects you offer. Doctors say that many toys for this age are black and white. And it’s not that newborns can’t see colour but they find the high contrast easier to pick out.
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Re: Parenthood

Postby Angela on 21 Dec 2015, 00:41

Pretty good things to read about! Thank you, Pam! ;)
When babies are born they have no sense that they even are a separate person from you. Only in a month they may discover their legs and arms by accidentally hitting themselves! :lol: My doc says it will be another month or two before Anny gets any co-ordination, though.
She is still so weak. Though I may notice from time to time she’s able to hold her head up briefly when she is lying on her tummy or being held by me.
Here are some tips they gave me in order to help my baby develop in her first month.
I should keep up an animated conversation with my daughter and maintain lots of eye contact. It may seem daft as the baby clearly can’t understand me, but the sound of my voice will soothe her and kick-start her language skills. We should use lightweight bright and noisy rattles moving them across her line of vision so she can follow them with her eyes. A mobile hanging above the baby’s cot is also a good idea. It helps her tracking skills and focus. This can be not only an expensive all-singing, all-dancing one but also even homemade cardboard shapes hanging above her. The main point is that it should be shiny and of a high contrast.
Also they offer a game of the month - the mirror game. We are to hold our girl in front of a big mirror and pull faces and make noises. She may even try to copy us! :lol: Isn’t this amazing!?
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Re: Parenthood

Postby Melanie on 21 Dec 2015, 00:44

Hi, girls! We’re extremely happy for you doing your parenting job already! :D
Congratulations on your new bundles of joy! May your world be filled with love and care.
These days I’m looking forward to meeting our sweet baby. Thanks to biotexcom we will be able to experience all the best things of a parenting job you’re talking about. I’ve been enjoying every second spent with my baby on board! What a marvelous thing it might be to spend time looking into his small eyes!!! :D :D :D
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Re: Parenthood

Postby Mirela on 21 Dec 2015, 00:46

Hi, ladies!
The most difficult thing for our family was coping with a teething process.
Our daughter sprouted her first teeth with no problems. But every other coming was a long and painful way. She was going to need lots of cuddles :!: The first things we usually noticed were her red, swollen gums and flushed cheeks. She was sleepless at night and wakeful during the day. Sometimes she was so irritable and unsettled that we couldn’t find even a tiny moment of piece and silence! :roll:
When she was proceeding with teething, in some cases she also developed a temperature and diarrhea. We noticed it to be so just before a tooth was going to break through.
I do remember that terrible rash on her chin! It was caused by dribbling. It was so painful for her and us to wipe the drool off her chin so often! Poor girl! Even doing it very gently her chin was sore. We had to smooth a barrier cream on her chin several times a day to protect her skin from further irritation.
Just imagine! Experts say that while teething our babies face the same kind of pain as when our wisdom teeth came through! I wish I could survive it instead of my girl! :(
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Re: Parenthood

Postby Mannamom on 04 Jul 2017, 16:04

Being a parent and caring for a child is an amazing and wonderful experience but sometimes it can be overwhelming as you make decisions about your children’s upbringing that may be quite new to you. Suffering from postnatal depression, it was so difficult for me to make any decisions. I was in an awful mood, I was afraid of thinking about our future. and to be honest I thought I've made a mistake giving birth to a child when I was 49..But with the help of my DH everything went better. Unlike me he experienced parenthood and helped me like no one else. He made me understand that it's a great responsibility and I have no right to be helpless and filled with hopelessness.

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