importance of talking to your baby

Re: importance of talking to your baby

Postby Mado on 23 Oct 2012, 16:39

A scholar in the field of child language, indicated that child-directed speech “may constitute a universal human care-taking behavior” that is innate and instinctive. She also indicated that child-directed speech is central to the development of meaning. Child-directed speech, then, plays a distinct role in the actual acquisition of language in the children it is addressed to. Underlying all of the basic attributes of child-directed speech are the distinct social behaviors that assist children in the acquisition of language. ;) ;) ;)
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Re: importance of talking to your baby

Postby Ivy Zhou on 24 Oct 2012, 12:08

i always talked to my baby from the moment he was born. when he was 4 months i started to read fairy tal;es to him. some very simple..and i was very surprised he was listening attentively.stopped moving even..i do not know if it influenced or some oether thing, but my son told his first word when he was 7 the age of 12 months he was chatting with me like an adult..and at the age of 2 years I thought - where is the button which switches him off :D :D :D he learnt to read early, writes well...but i always talk to him..
Ivy Zhou
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Re: importance of talking to your baby

Postby Angela on 20 Nov 2015, 17:16

Hello, mothers and future mothers!
Personally I am a future mother. But in my 43 I have lots of thing to say. In a month I’ll have a daughter. She is our long-awaited girl and now we seem to be the happiest people in the world!
The pregnancy gives me precious experience. Everything is felt at the first time, and sometimes it’s rather confusing. Sometimes I still have bad dreams, and sometimes wake up embarrassed. But everything comes to its place when Anny pushes me in the ribs with her legs )))
I’m sure it’s very important to talk to your child. And it doesn’t matter whether she is inside or outside you. I cannot live a day not talking to my girl. I truly believe she hears me and understands everything. In such a way mother shows her unlimited love to the child.
Very soon we’ll meet Anny. We’ve been looking forward this meeting all life…
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Re: importance of talking to your baby

Postby Helga18 on 16 Dec 2015, 17:09

This is so great that nowadays the majority of future mothers realize the importance of talking to the baby. I am sure his/her traits of character start to form from the mother’s womb. If to talk to him gently, the baby will be quiet. If a woman is over-emotional, the baby will take after her. Modern psychologists even recommend listening classical music while pregnant. Do you think this helps? What traits of character does it nurture?
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Re: importance of talking to your baby

Postby Grace on 29 Jun 2017, 16:49

In addition try to answer all your baby's gurgles, coos, and smiles with delighted expressions and coos of your own. Tell him or her, "I love the way you are saying ah, ah, ah. What a nice sound you are making." Later, you can imitate baby's beginning consonants and turn them into duplicated babbles such as "mamama" or "bababa." As baby starts to make these babbling sounds, express your pleasure. "What nice talking! I love to hear you talk. Tell me more!" Be sure to give spaces in between your talking so that baby can talk back with babbles and more vocalizing on a variety of pitches.
good luck with your taking ladies
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