myth about miscarriages

Re: myth about miscarriages

Postby Ted on 06 Dec 2012, 19:25

What are the general steps to be taken in order to avoid miscarriages in a woman. Can any one help me here?
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Re: myth about miscarriages

Postby Pinkie on 16 Dec 2015, 12:09

Hi everyone. I am a newbie here, so please be tolerant if I confuse something or post in a wrong place :roll:
I find this discussion very informative. It is always interesting to know other’s viewpoints on the issue that concerns you. I experienced miscarriage in July, 2015. The term was 10 weeks. Ultrasound checkup showed that the fetus had certain genetic abnormalities. It was a shock for me, because my husband and I have no genetic diseases. Does anybody know if the situation will repeat with my future embryos or I shall keep on trying? I am so scared of further miscarriages :cry:
In continuation of the discussion, I would like to add that I think miscarriage is a combination of different factors: physical and emotional state of a woman, stresses, unhealthy way of life and genetic factor. Of course, I am not a Doctor. This problem should be discussed with a good specialist and I am sure that there is always a way out.
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Re: myth about miscarriages

Postby Katerest on 24 Apr 2017, 12:05

No doubts it’s very tough experience to live through miscarriage especially in case if miscarriage happens at late pregnancy.
Some women feel their own guilty losing a baby. But sometimes the reasons why they lose don’t depend on their lifestile.
Certainly it’s a big loss actually it can harm a health (also a moral health) but we have to hold on and keep on our trying.
we’ll have more reasons to be sorry if we stop ourselves after that loss.
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Re: myth about miscarriages

Postby D0d0lina on 17 Jul 2017, 14:42

Ted wrote:What are the general steps to be taken in order to avoid miscarriages in a woman. Can any one help me here?

Hi, Ted)) I guess my reply is a little belated, but maybe some other people have similar questions and i've just read an useful article on this topic)) here is a short summary:
The first step is to prepare your body with fertility cleansing. Fertility cleansing helps to support the liver in cleansing the body of old toxins and excess hormones while encouraging the uterus to cleanse itself of ‘old’ contents, increasing uterine circulation and tone. The next step is to nourish and build up your body to be a healthy, baby-friendly body. One of the major foundational steps to increasing your chances of having a healthy pregnancy is to take some basic vitamins, minerals, and EFA’s. There are specific vitamins and minerals that are necessary for a healthy reproductive system, hormonal balance, and ovulation.
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Re: myth about miscarriages

Postby Melanie on 23 May 2019, 14:58

The thing which astonishes is how realistic you are about the mc possibility. I'm praying this won't happen to you again, but seems you have an exact plan of further steps in case it doesn't work. I believe it's a huge pro to keep emotional well being, if you see what I mean. We've been through donor egg IVF route too. Passed it overseas. Got luck after 2 shots. Seems we got to the clinic with the well known aim - a healthy child through any means - be this own egg or donor's. We were emotionally ready we'll have to use donor egg 99% and our dr just reassured us. Dr Elena Mozgovaya was always kind and helpful and understanding. she made the ''medical part'' the best explained and perfectly guided. We're so much thankful for this. I believe being in right med hands is just crusial point. You're definitely strong and brave, both of you!! I believe God will bless you for everything you're doing. Who knows, maybe in meantime you'll have kids 8-) I'm praying for this, lovely.
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