can yoga boost my chances for pregnancy?

Re: can yoga boost my chances for pregnancy?

Postby Missy on 03 Oct 2011, 15:41

I totally agree with you Darlene
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Re: can yoga boost my chances for pregnancy?

Postby Gift1 on 11 Jul 2012, 15:18

Yoga is simply a kind of physical activity which has less or no role to play in pregnancy.Remember,pregnancy is all about biological and medical activities.
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Re: can yoga boost my chances for pregnancy?

Postby Favor on 13 Jul 2012, 09:06

I think physical activities are just to keep the body strong and active.Yoga has insignificant boosting for pregnancy because pregnancy is purely biological.But in certain situations with problems getting pregnant,I think it is advisable to see a compitent clinic for human reproduction for consulling.
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Re: can yoga boost my chances for pregnancy?

Postby Lorena on 17 Jul 2014, 09:57

I am sure that yoga in any case helps to have a smooth pregnancy. When I was pregnant the doctor recommended me to take up yoga in order to ensure optimum supply of blood and nutrients to the developing foetus. It also helped me to have relatively easy childbirth. So you are pregnant I advise do yoga as for physical and mental relaxation as well as for childbirth preparation. ;)
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Re: can yoga boost my chances for pregnancy?

Postby Miracle on 12 Sep 2014, 12:04

When many people think of yoga, they think of the added benefits of agility and a method for losing weight and keeping trim. The fact of the matter is, yoga has many other benefits besides flexibility and toning. Yoga has many other health benefits as well. It includes improving fertility and helps your body to prepare for pregnancy and get pregnant. There are many different methods of yoga, and a countless number of yoga poses that a person can perform. Each yoga pose helps to not only strengthen your body and mind, but can help you to regain balance in your body as well. Not only a physical balance and agility, but an overall balance between all of your bodies functions, including your reproductive system. Fertility yoga uses key yoga poses that help to nurture, support and strengthen the endocrine and the reproductive system. Your endocrine system is essential for proper hormonal balance. So using fertility yoga poses that promote healthy endocrine function is just as important as using poses that support the reproductive system as well. There are a number of different benefits that your body can experience from performing fertility yoga. By performing these poses, you help to increase the energy flow through your body which improves the function of the endocrine and reproductive system. Fertility yoga, in fact all yoga, helps the body to maintain homeostasis, which is essential for the body to operate properly and at its finest. Fertility yoga uses a specific series of stretches that have a positive effect on reproductive health. Every posture in this series has a supporting and nurturing effect on the reproductive system or the endocrine system – the hormonal headquarters. Use a fertility yoga program in conjunction with a complete natural fertility program for the best results.
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Re: can yoga boost my chances for pregnancy?

Postby Agnes on 26 Jan 2015, 16:18

Hi all!!! Actually any type of physical activity is good for your health. Is you are overweight you even must go in for sports. Your excess weight prevents you from being pregnant. This is one of the fertility problems. It refers not only to women but to men as well. The couple which wants to have a baby should be physically healthy. But do not overdo))) As for the yoga... I think that the most positive is that you are taught have to breath. It would be of great use while delivering. Moreover, yoga helps to relax. Many couples are too nervous ttc. So, don`t be lazy and go in for sports :D It would be anyway useful :!:
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Re: can yoga boost my chances for pregnancy?

Postby Amelia on 28 Mar 2019, 15:57

A friend of mine did her IVF with a 5day embryo. They only had 2 decent embryos and one took! She is 16 weeks pregnant and here is what she did.
Started acupuncture a week before (did only 2x), yoga. Ate pineapple core 3 days before transfer and one piece for 3 days after. Ate a lot of brazil nuts and avocados. Drank pomegranate juice.
Tried to relax without stressing too much. She also did bed rest for 3 days and no lifting or walking a lot for the entire week. Not what exactly of these tips helped her, but it can't hurt. 
Lots and lots of good luck to you!
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Re: can yoga boost my chances for pregnancy?

Postby Amelia on 28 Mar 2019, 16:01

So some of the general tips may be: Have a little pineapple as it is high in selenium, but don't go overboard as it has a chemical in it that can cause uterine contractions.
I also had 5 brazil nuts a day for the selenium around treatment. Some protein food with every meal. Plenty of fruit and veg.
Of course you can have sparkling water and a little chocolate is fine, just don't go mad! :lol:
Avoid too much caffeine like tea/coffee/cola - but the odd glass is OK or the odd weak tea won't harm.
Try and avoid toxins generally like artificial sweeteners in huge amounts. Try and eat pure foods.
Avoid raw egg products, under cooked foods, shell fish. Avoid too much vitamin A - avoid liver or pate and don't take non pregnancy designed vitamin tablets. Avoid medicines unless prescribed.
As for the bed rest – it definitely has to be adequate!! And more walks in the fresh air.
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Re: can yoga boost my chances for pregnancy?

Postby Elizabeth on 29 Jul 2019, 22:54

I truly don't believe just yoga creates miracles..I'm sorry if I sound not too inspiring.. But I guess it's time to. After a year of trying try to seek fertility help. I don't that's enough for your Dr just say 'you both are ok, but you can't conceive'. There must be the reason(s). Your fertility expert should find out whether hormone production is balanced, allowing for egg and sperm development. To establish whether the ovarian reserve is plentiful and ovulation is taking place. That sperm is of sufficient quantity and quality. To determine whether both male and female reproductive systems allow for fertilization.I believe these have to be basic investigations.  You should know the accurate dx to know what should be done further about it. At least, this is what they did in my clinic before they offered the treatment. Wish you all the best of luck and support, hun! You're on the right track. Keep on moving x
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